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Jocko, now starting his fifth decade with Sha Na Na, was one of the first to walk onstage "greased and ready to rock Ďní roll" in 1969. That same year, the drummer was one of the youngest performers at the Woodstock Festival. He holds the distinction of performing in both the most successful music documentary ever (Woodstock) and the most successful film musical ever (Grease).

Juggling his schedule around his touring, Jocko earned both a B.A. from Columbia and a Masters in Drama from New York University.

When not with Sha Na Na, Jocko is an actor and a songwriter. His acting credits include TVís "Veronica Mars", "NYPD Blue", "Alley McBeal," "The Tiger Woods Story", "Hermanís Head," "Good Advice","18 Wheels of Justice", "The Invisible Man", "Amazing Stories," and the "Gary Shandling Show," and the motion pictures RAINMAN, NATIONAL SECURITY and HOT TO TROT. He has written and performed songs for the films RAINMAN, THATíS LIFE and THE NIGHT OF THE COMET. He most recently performed and produced with David Rees an arrangement of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" for the motion picture BENCH WARMERS.

Jocko was born in Quincy, Mass. and toured New England with his high school band, The Pilgrims. He now lives with his family in San Diego, California.


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